instrument design

Another Year, Another Giggle Fit

Another year’s behinds us, and I think the majority of people are just fine with that, so what better reason to get together and celebrate all the good things that happened? Instrument Design ( knows how to throw a party, and they’ve made that extremely clear since opening their doors in 2010, and if you need any evidence of that, nearly every image created at the party that night is riddled with giggle fits.

Party Animal ( curated the celebration once again, why change a good thing? Miss Connie had the inventive mind of Hunt & Gather ( cater and they supplied an upscale vegan junk food fest. If people weren’t enjoying a hand crafted cocktail, you better believe they were eating some homemade vegan “doritos” and corndogs.

Its always a treat to work with Instrument, and I never know what they’ll come up with next, I’m just happy to be along for all the laughs.