portland wedding photographers

Vinyl Lovers Engagement

I was contacted this summer to photograph the Breck’s engagement, and they had a bit of a different idea for their shoot. Once they described their interest and hobbies we immediately recognized that we needed to make photos in their favorite record shop (http://mississippirecords.store) and stroll around Mississippi St. It was a beautiful evening full of sun showers and resulting in a ton of laughter and found records.

Moments From an Elopement

This past summer I had the good fortune of capturing Annie and Kevins elopement. We started out at the Tryon Creek State Park and worked our way over to Lewis and Clark College. It was a beautiful day, and the rain held off literally until the last shot.

Another Year, Another Giggle Fit

Another year’s behinds us, and I think the majority of people are just fine with that, so what better reason to get together and celebrate all the good things that happened? Instrument Design (www.instrument.com) knows how to throw a party, and they’ve made that extremely clear since opening their doors in 2010, and if you need any evidence of that, nearly every image created at the party that night is riddled with giggle fits.

Party Animal (www.wearepartyanimal.com) curated the celebration once again, why change a good thing? Miss Connie had the inventive mind of Hunt & Gather (www.huntandgathercatering.com) cater and they supplied an upscale vegan junk food fest. If people weren’t enjoying a hand crafted cocktail, you better believe they were eating some homemade vegan “doritos” and corndogs.

Its always a treat to work with Instrument, and I never know what they’ll come up with next, I’m just happy to be along for all the laughs.

A New...ish Venue in Portland, OR

This past summer I had the good fortune of being selected to capture a wedding in the newly renovated Baker’s Building on NE Killingsworth St. in Portland OR. The venue was warm and inviting even before it was filled with the laughter and smiles of the guest. It was a true pleasure to work in such a well thought out space.

Here’s how the owners describe their new space on their webpage, “The historic Baker Building was built by the Baker estate in 1912. It has been the home to many events and gatherings throughout the years but was closed to the public in the 1980's. Now for the first time in over 30 years, the Baker Building opens its doors and welcomes you to add your story to its rich history.” Hit um up here (www.bakerbuilding.org).

Another thing that make the Baker’s Building so unique, is the tenants in the rest of the building. Across the hall from the venue is one of Portland’s best independent radio stations, Free Form Portland FM 90.3, which was a welcome surprise, since I often work at home accompanied by their music (info@freeformportland.org). On the main floor surrounded by lush hanging plants, robust cacti, and wedding bouquets is Solabee Flowers and Botanicals. “Inspired by the surrounding natural world, Solabee is a full-service floral studio and carefully curated plant shop providing fresh, unique botanical treasures,” as described on the Solabee website. They filled the Baker’s Building with sweet smells and unique arrangements, and all their hard work was certainly a hot topic. You can contact Solabee at (www.solabeeflowers.com).

Classic Colorado Wedding (a real barn burner)

If you ever have the opportunity to take pictures of two of your best friends committing their lives to one another, I say do it! Christy and Cameron's union was one of the first weddings I ever photographed, and it was undoubtedly one of the most memorable. The ceremony quickly gave way to a thunderstorm and transitioned into a sun soaked afternoon of dancing and drinking, who could ask for more?